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Innovation Academy @ UCD

Acadamh Nuálaíochta


Coalition of the Willing

Got great ideas? Want to do something above and beyond? Naysayers sapping your enthusiasm? Join Coalition of the Willing. We are an expanding group established to support and encourage the realization of innovative ideas on and off campus. Starting with monthly lunch meetings we bring together like-minded people to provide advice, contacts, resources and most of all encouragement to all our UCD intrapreneurs. To attend one of our lunches please register your interest with Glenda Smith. To attend you will be asked to bring three things:

  • An idea or project that you are trying to get off the ground or is in the early stages of development.
  • An interesting piece of insight or information worth sharing.
  • A friend.


Ideas worth supporting

They're not our ideas but we think they're great, we hope you will too: