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Non-EU Exchange Information


To apply to UCD as a Non-EU exchange student you must first be nominated by your home university. Please see the list of UCD exchange partners.

Please read the information on this website to find out more about your study options, how to apply and life as a UCD student.

Please note: the information on this page is aimed primarily at students applying through UCD International. Students applying for a Business or Law exchange should consult the information on the relevant School’s website.

Information for business exchange students may be found on the Quinn School of Business website.

Information for law exchange students may be found on the School of Law website.

Further Information

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Are you a Study Abroad or Exchange Student?

Study Abroad Student

  • You will pay tuition fees to UCD or your home university will pay tuition fees on your  behalf
  •  You can study at UCD for one or two semesters
  • You must gain approval from your home institution's Study Abroad advisor regarding credit for your UCD academic program
  • You may apply to UCD directly or through your home university study abroad office
  • The courses you take in UCD may be credited towards your degree by your home institution 

Exchange Student

  • Your home institution must be a UCD partner through a formal reciprocal exchange agreement
  • You must be nominated for the programme by your home institution's exchange coordinator
  • UCD must accept your application and, if selected, you remain enrolled with your home institution 
  • You continue to pay your home institution fees, and are exempt from UCD tuition fees
  • The courses you take in UCD may be credited towards your degree by your home institution

Study at UCD

Why Choose UCD?

Established in 1854, University College Dublin is Ireland’s largest and most international university. UCD has a student population of almost 30,000. There are more than 6,000 International students from 124 countries, which is nearly 25% of the total student body.

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Ranking and Other International Partnerships

UCD is Ireland’s leading international university, and as the country’s largest teaching and research institution has the objective of developing and engaging in a broad range of international partnerships around the world.

UCD has developed the largest student mobility programme in Ireland. UCD currently actively exchanges 370 (outgoing) and 600 (incoming) students per annum with European universities through the Erasmus network and 200 students per annum with partners outside Europe through the Non-EU exchange programme.

Click on the links below to see a full list of UCD’s exchange partners:

UCD’s non-EU outgoing exchange numbers are continuing to grow and the international mobility of our students will remain a priority in the years to come. UCD is a member of Universitas 21 (U21), the international network of leading research universities.

Through U21, UCD is participating in a broad range of collaborative activities which support the internationalisation agenda. UCD is also a member of UNICA, the network of universities representing the capital cities of Europe.

Famous Alumni

UCD has produced many notable graduates who have achieved fame and respect around the world.

These include rugby international Brian O’ Driscoll, author James Joyce and international businessman Peter Sutherland. Five of Ireland’s last nine Prime Ministers graduated from UCD.

Before you apply

Useful information

Application deadlines

  • May 15 – for students arriving in September
  • November 1 – for students arriving in January

Term Dates

Please see term dates for the academic calendar for 2017-18.

Course information

UCD uses the European Credit Transfer System.  A full course load is 30 credits per semester. At undergraduate level each module is worth 5 credits and students take six modules per semester.

You can take less than six modules per semester only if you have the permission of your home university but you must take a minimum of four modules per semester.

A list of courses offered in UCD is available on the UCD Current Students website.

Please note that the above link shows all courses that are taught at UCD. There are some restrictions regarding which modules you can take and, depending on the agreement with your home university, you may not be able to take courses in some areas.

You will complete a Course Registration Form in August (for September start) or November (for January start) and return this to UCD International. Your coordinator will register you based on the courses you list on this form.

You can make changes to your registration (add / drop courses) until the end of the second week of term, if spaces are available in your chosen module.


For information on UCD’s on-campus accommodation please see the UCD Residences website.

Exchange students generally apply for on-campus accommodation in June (students arriving in September) or in December (students arriving in January). You will receive application instructions from your coordinator at UCD before applications open.

Apply to UCD

You must submit an online application to UCD. Before you apply please check that you can answer yes to the following questions:

  • Are you a student at one of UCD’s exchange partners?
  • Has your home university nominated you to UCD?
  • Have you received application instructions from the coordinator at you home university?

If so, you can go ahead and complete the‌ online application 2017-18 here.

Application deadlines

  • May 15 – for students arriving in September
  • October 15 – for students arriving in January

Supporting documents

Transcript of Records – you must submit a copy of your transcript showing grades for all courses you have taken at your home university. Please upload this as a supporting document to your online application


You will receive an acceptance email from your exchange coordinator at UCD in May (students arriving in September) or October (students arriving in January). You will also receive an acceptance package in June or November – this will be sent to your home university.

Student life

Find out more about events happening at UCD International on our Student Life page.