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Returning to UCD after Exchange

Welcome back to UCD after your semester/year abroad! We look forward to hearing all about your time away at our lunch for returned students.

Why not use the experience you gained abroad and sign up to be a Peer Exchange Adviser and to be a Buddy?

Welcome Back Lunch for Returned Exchange Students

All returned exchange students will be invited to a welcome back lunch in late September. UCD International will give you advice on reverse culture shock and invite you to sign up for the Peer Exchange Adviser Programme. A member of UCD Career Development Centre will talk to you about how to use your time abroad and peer exchange adviser experience to enhance your CV.

Volunteer to be a Peer Exchange Adviser

Would you like for everyone to know how good it is to go on exchange? Are there things you could tell students that you wished you were told before you went abroad? Why not sign up to be a Peer Exchange Adviser? 

Peer exchange advisers help UCD International promote exchanges to UCD students thinking of spending a semester/year abroad. You will participate in our exchange promotion talks, give one-on-one advice in our resource area, help out at our Study Abroad Fair and UCD Open Days and provide a bio for our website.

All peer exchange advisers receive a reference from UCD International at the end of the academic year which can only help enhance your CV even further!

Sign up for the Buddy Programme

The Buddy Programme helps international exchange students make friends with Irish students.  You will be sent an e-mail in August inviting you to sign up for it. If you do, you will be placed in a group of approximately six Irish and exchange students and will get to meet your group at a social evening organised by the International Office in mid-September. Having been on exchange yourself, you will know what it’s like to be a newly-arrived student in a strange city and will be able to help the students in your group settle into life in UCD and Dublin.


Erasmus students are required to complete an Erasmus Student Report form when their exchange finishes. This is an online report and you will receive an automatic email soon after the end date of your exchange.

Non-EU exchange students are required to submit a report providing feedback on their semester/year abroad to the International Office.

Transfer of Credit

UCD International requires a transcript of results for you from your semester/year abroad in order for your grades to be processed. It is your responsibility to make sure that UCD International receives this so please check with your host university before you leave as to how your grades will be sent. Exchange students from Business and Law should ensure that their co-ordinator in Business/Law receives a copy of their transcripts rather than UCD International.

For students outside of Arts/Social Science programmes, transcripts will be sent to the relevant Programme Office to be approved by a Programme board. A special exam board is held in October to process returned Arts/Social Science students’ results.

Students enrolled to the Science degree programme are reminded that a Stage 3 GPA of 2.48 is required in order to progress to Stage 4 of the degree programme. If a student intends to progress to Stage 4 on their degree then, in addition to the requirements for their subject area, this standard (or its equivalent) must be achieved in the courses taken during their year abroad.

Please note that to enable students to register for courses the semester following their return, their student records will be provisionally advanced to let them do so. Being able to register for courses does not mean that you have passed your semester/year abroad.  You must have passed the courses and number of credits approved by a UCD academic co-ordinator in order to pass your semester/year abroad. If you are in any doubt about this, please contact UCD International for advice.