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Information for Partner Universities

UCD is Ireland’s leading international university, and as the country’s largest teaching and research institution, has the objective of developing and engaging in a broad range of international partnerships around the world.

Through strategic links with some of the world’s foremost universities, UCD is putting in place a range of institutional links which support key international activities such as staff and student exchanges, the development of joint academic programmes, high-end research collaboration and other collaborative initiatives.

Through these partnerships, UCD has developed one of the largest student mobility programmes in Europe. UCD currently actively exchanges over 300 (outgoing) and 550 (incoming) students per annum with European universities through the Erasmus network and approximately 400 students per annum with partners outside the EU. The international mobility of our students will remain a priority for UCD as it is a means of giving our students the tools with which to contribute proactively to the international community as global citizens and preparing them for life and work across borders and cultures. 

Visit Us? 

Every year UCD hosts a large number of international visits by current and potential partners from around the world. If your institution wishes to arrange a visit to UCD, please complete the Visit Request Form.

Who to contact for information?

For student exchange, please contact Catherine Convery for further information on EU (Erasmus) Exchanges and Ruth Redahan for Non-EU Exchanges

Pre Master Partners, please contact for further information.

Study Abroad Partners, please contact Enda Carroll for further information.

For all other partner relationships, please contact Eve Brosseau for further information.