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Nursing Summer Programme

Information on Nursing Summer Programme including programme structure and content, how to apply and contact details for further queries.

The programme consists of a two week taught tuition period with an option to spend a further two weeks of research activity under the guidance of an experienced researcher.

There are two 5 ECTS courses to choose from, students may take one or both. The Health Systems course offers an opportunity for the student to learn about and critically analyse the main types of health care systems found around the world. The other option is a research for practice course. The purpose of this course will be twofold: First to introduce students to research designs most commonly used in healthcare research and secondly to facilitate students in the learning of skills relating to the retrieval, critical appraisal and application to practice of research evidence.

There is also an option to take a 10 ECTS course which entails attending the classes for the first two weeks and then working with a Research Mentor who is assigned to the student for a further two weeks.

 Programme Structure

  • April and May - telephone meeting to discuss your research interests
  • June/July - Attend class on campus

Two week campus programme (CT26)

Week 1-2: Orientation and instruction in Health: A Systems Perspective AND/OR Research for Nursing Practice. Each module carries 5 ECTS credits.

Week 3: An additional 15 hours online engagement completed at home or on-campus.

Four week campus programme (CT28)

Week 1-2: Orientation and instruction in Health: A Systems Perspective AND/OR Research for Nursing Practice. Each module carries 5 ECTS credits.

Week 3: An additional 15 hours online engagement completed at home or on-campus

Week 4: During this optional period you will undertake a short research project under the supervision of an establised School researcher.  Students can complete their research in an area of heir choice. 


Students will complete the following:

  • Presentation
  • Written Assignment

Credit Transfer

The module Health: A systems perspective will carry 5 ECTS and the module Research for Nursing Practice will carry 5 or 10 ECTS.  We will provide full information to enable institutions to make decisions regarding the transfer of credits.  UCD will send an official transcript to your home institution at the end of the Summer School. 

Cultural and Social Programme

An essential element of the UCD Nursing Summer School is the opportunity for you to experience Irish society and culture through a wide variety of excursions and field trips in Dublin and across the island of Ireland. 

Activities typically include:

  • Wicklow Mountain Walk
  • Hurling Game
  • Dublin bay tour
  • Irish Dancing
  • Traditional Irish Music


The minimum GPA is 3.00. As part of completing the UCD on-line application process, a standard form of identification i.e. copy of Passport, a transcript of academic record to date and letter of recommendation from an academic referee should be uploaded before the application deadline.


2018 Summer School start date: Monday, 11th June 2018.  Applications can be made online.

Application Deadline and Fees

March 31st 2018

Programme Fees:  €1,400 per 5 Ects Module or €2,600 for 10 Ects Module.
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