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Date: 11.11.2014
Location: The Seminar Room, The National Library, Kildare Street, Dublin 2 at 6pm on the 11th November 2014
Bengt af Klintberg lecture
Title: Bengt af Klintberg lecture, dedicated to the memory of Bo Almqvist
BIG RAINDROPS - THE METAMORPHOSES OF A SWEDISH FOLK LEGEND Bengt af Klintberg is a folklorist and writer who taught folklore at the University of Stockholm in 1967–87 before he became a full-time writer. His publications amount to over thirty books and numerous articles. He is known especially for his collections of traditional and contemporary legends, but his works also include poetry and creative writing. In 2006 he was appointed honorary professor of folklore by the Swedish Government. IN HONOUR OF BO / OMÓS DO BHO / BO TILL ÄRA This lecture, organised by An Cumann le Béaloideas Éireann: The Folklore of Ireland Society, is dedicated to the memory of Bo Almqvist. Bo Almqvist was of one of the foremost folklorists of his generation and, nurtured by his upbringing in Sweden and his education in Uppsala and Reykjavík, he brought an extraordinary range of expertise to his position as Professor of Irish Folklore at University College Dublin. His writings drew on his deep knowledge of Scandinavian languages and tradition and on his extensive field work in Ireland and elsewhere in North West Europe. He was an international scholar whose interests centred on Norse and Gaelic folk tradition.
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