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Detailed transcripts of interviews conducted by folklore collectors from the 1930s to the present are bound in volumes and stored in the Manuscript Archive of the NFC. The names of collectors, informants (storytellers) and correspondents, and details of the varied subject matter of their conversations, are provided in a series of finding aids.

Most of the material in the Collection has been assembled by full-time collectors of the Irish Folklore Commission (1935-1971) and its successors, and collecting activity is ongoing. A large proportion of the material taken down by full-time collectors consists of transcripts of field recordings in both Irish and English, made initially on wax-cylinder recording machines.

The Main Manuscript Collection also contains material recorded by part-time collectors and by a network of correspondents throughout Ireland in response to questionnaires. Information collected in this way includes descriptions of seasonal customs, beliefs and practices, historical tradition, as well as detailed information regarding Ireland’s material and social culture.

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Pádraig Mhártain Ó Súilleabháin, Drom Caor, Iveragh, Co. Kerry, Local traditions recorded by collector P.J. Gaynor Sample page from a list of Travellers’ “Cant”

The Irish Virtual Research Library & Archive (IVRLA)

The Irish Virtual Research Library & Archive (IVRLA) is a major digitisation and digital object management project launched in UCD in January 2005. The project was conceived as a means to preserve elements of UCD’s main repositories, such as the National Folklore Collection, and increase and facilitate access to this material through the adoption of digitisation technologies. See 'Sample Documents' here...>>>>>

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