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The Irish Virtual Research Library & Archive (IVRLA)

The Irish Virtual Research Library & Archive (IVRLA) is a major digitisation and digital object management project launched in UCD in January 2005. The project was conceived as a means to preserve elements of UCD’s main repositories, such as the National Folklore Collection, and increase and facilitate access to this material through the adoption of digitisation technologies.

Manuscript material from the National Folklore Collection hosted by the IVRLA includes:

(1) Emigration to America
In 1955 a questionnaire on the subject of Irish emigration to America was compiled by Arnold Schrier, in collaboration with the Irish Folklore Commission. The questionnaire was distributed by the Commission to its various full-time and part-time collectors, and to its network of respondents around Ireland. The information returned was used as source material for a book by Schrier entitled Ireland and the American Emigration 1850-1900 (Minneapolis 1958).
The Irish Virtual Research Library & Archive (IVRLA)

(2) ‘Tinkers’ [Travellers]
The 1952 questionnaire Tinkers: 'Travellers' was issued by the Irish Folklore Commission to its full-time and part-time collectors and to its lack of knowledge among the settled community about Travellers, the Commission’s director, Séamus Ó Duilearga, wrote:
"Comparatively little is known about them […] as no serious attempt has hitherto been made to collect information about them from all over the country in a systematic way."
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Emigration to America 1955 Questionnaire ‘Tinkers’ [Travellers] Questionnaire Tinkers 1952 Local information about the Great Famine
National Folklore Collection