Research Theme: Policy


Name: Kevin Denny; Tony Fahey; Niamh Hardiman; Naonori Kodate; Muiris MacCarthaigh; Michelle Norris; Dan O'Brien; Philip O'Connell; Colin Scott
Institution:University College Dublin
Contact: Withheld
Completion: Withheld


Project: This research programme brings together scholars working in the disciplines of political science, economics, sociology, public administration, law, public health, among others, to analyse the consequences of these developments and to consider their implications for the structutre and future development of the public sector. The Irish State Administration Database is a key research resource for many aspects of this work. Among the topics currently under investigation are these: the changing profile of the Irish political and administrative executive; assessment of the current phase of public sector reform; implications of reform initiatives for public sector skills development; the tension between centralizing and decentralizing pressures in policy coordination and governance; efficiency consequences of the move toward shared services; implications of agency rationalization for policy capabilities; the consequences of budget retrenchment for the scope of state activity; the design and construction of new state competences such as child protection and family policy; the evolution of state's role in housing policy, labour market and social protection policy, health care reform, and other policy areas; the development and implications of an activist labour market policy; the role of the Irish government Economic and Evaluation Service; the state's role in evaluating and mitigating risks of all kinds and the state's role in improving quality of public services (health, social care and education).