Irish Contraception and Crisis Pregnancy (ICCP) Study

Study Number (SN): 0029-00


About the study

This study is internded to establish current attitudes, knowledge and the experience of crisis pregnancy amongst women and men living in Ireland. This survey examines the factors that lead to crisis pregnancy and the services women and men need to support them during and after a crisis pregnancy.

Data are owned primarily by the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme (formerly the Crisis Pregnancy Agency), but the agency will permit free usage of the data for all non-commercial research.

The HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme recommends that users read the reports (please see links to reports below in the study documentation section) before using the data, in order to get a better understanding of the contextual issues affecting contraceptive use and crisis pregnancy.

Two datasets are available: 2004 and 2010

Accessing the data

To access the data, please complete a ISSDA Data Request Form for Research Purposes, sign it, send it to ISSDA by email.

Data will be disseminated on receipt of a fully completed, signed form. Incomplete or unsigned forms will be returned to the data requester for completion.

Study documentation

2004: Questionnaire (PDF)  ICCP Report 2004

2010: ICCP-2010 Main Questionnaire  ICCP-2010 Report 

Key variable areas

  • Contraception;
  • Crisis Pregnancy;
  • Fertility outcomes;
  • Service use; 
  • Role of alcohol; 
  • Sexual attitudes, beliefs and knowledge

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