National Disability Authority Surveys Of Public Attitudes to Disability

As part of the National Disability Authority's strategic commitment to raising awareness and promoting positive attitudes to disability, NDA has commissioned a series of National Surveys of Public Attitudes to Disability in Ireland. The survey data is broken down in relation to attitudes towards people with physical, sensory, intellectual and mental health impairments. Data for two of these surveys (2006 and 2011) are available for request from ISSDA. 

Accessing the data

To access the data, please complete a ISSDA Data Request Form for Research Purposes, sign it, send it to ISSDA by email.

Data will be disseminated on receipt of a fully completed, signed form. Incomplete or unsigned forms will be returned to the data requester for completion.





Journal Articles

McConkey, Roy. (2015) Measuring public discomfort at meeting people with disabilities. Research in Developmental Disabilities: Volumes 45–46, pp. 220-228