Research Theme: Ageing and Mortality


Name:  Hossein Afzali

Institution:  University of Adelaide


Completion:  November 2020

Funder: National Health and Medical Research Council


Project: I am health economist at the University of Adelaide (Australia). The study that I leading is part of the ‘CRE Frailty and Healthy Aging’ research program that aims to develop a new frailty cost- effectiveness model in an Australian setting. Such a model can be used to estimate and compare the lifetime costs and health outcomes associated with alternative interventions focusing on delaying and managing frailty


Name: Nyamata Kaare

Institution: University College Dublin


Completion:  30/09/2017

Funder: N/A


Project:  My reasons for using the TILDA database are to study the association between the diagnosis and treatment of dementia in high income, medium income and low income families. I think it would be insightful to see if some cases of dementia are overlooked due to the socio-economic background. As well as this I'm interested to study the attitudes of the respondents to dementia. 


Project (2017):  I am preparing a report on dementia and dementia care in Ireland. I need the TILDA data for background information on ADL and informal care.


Project (2016):  In the institute of Parc Sanitari San Joan de Deu, we are conducting research on healthy ageing. We will be using the TILDA dataset in order to assess various determinants of healthy ageing in the Irish population. In particular we are interested in chronic physical conditions and its outcomes with mental health.


Project (2017): We previously described a new pre-dementia syndrome of the Irish population, Motoric Cognitive Risk. We are seeking access to Wave 3 of TILDA data in order to complete a follow up analysis of those individuals and their conversion to different health status over a three/four year period.


Name: Arnop Chirakiti
Institution: Baan Sudthavas Foundation
Completion: Withheld


Project: We are going to undetake a research on Thai elderlies about their view on active ageing and factors lead in to successful ageing. 


Name: Deirdre Connolly
Institution: Trinity College Dublin
Completion: December 2017


Project: Data set will be used to examine ADL and IADL patterns of older adults in Ireland. Data will be examined to identify trends in ability to complete ADL and IADL activites across different age categories and to examine differences in ability between males and females according to general health status. Physical, cognitive and social factors that may influence ADL and IADL ability will be examined. As I have already examined wave 1 data for factors impacting on ADL and IADL, comparisons will be made between wave 1 and wave 2 data. 

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Disability.


Name: John Cullinan
Institution: NUI Galway
Completion: July 2017

Project: Research focusing on the economics of disability and ageing.

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Disability.


Name: Fabrice Kampfen
Institution: University of Lausanne
Completion: May 2016

Project: Interested in ageing and wellbeing and see how two variables are related to education.

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Quality of Life and Wellbeing .


Name: Abigail McLain
Institution: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)
Completion: Withheld

Project: IHME leads the development of the Global Burden of Disease project, which consists of 967 international experts from 104 countries. GBD is a yearly systematic assessment of the data on all diseases and injuries, and provides a comprehensive and comparable estimate of the burden of diseases, injuries and risk factors for 188 countries. IHME will use the requested data to improve disease and risk factor estimates for GBD 2014 and future annual updates. GBD will produce comprehensive estimates of burden of diseases, injuries and risk factors by country, year, age and sex. GBD 2013 will release the point estimates and 95% uncertainty intervals by country for the following variables. Future versions will include the same or similar estimations - all-cause mortality rates (1970-2013); deaths by cause (1980-2013); years of life lost due to premature mortality (YLLs) by cause (1990-2013); years lived with disability (YLDs) by cause (1990-2013); years lived with disability (YLDs) by sequelae (1990-2013); deaths attributable to the independent effects of risk factors and clusters of risk factors (1990-2013); YLLs attribute to the independent effects of risk factors and clusters of risk factors (1990-2013); prevalence of exposure to each risk factor; relative risks of mortality for each risk-outcome pair; YLDs attributable to the independent effects of risk factors and clusters of risk factors (1990-2013); DALYs attribute to the independent effects of risk factors and clusters of risk factors (1990-2013) and health life expectancy (HALE) by country (1990-2013).

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Health.


Name: Michael Neylon
Institution: Clare County Council
Completion: Withheld

Project: Data will be used to inform the development and implementation of the county's ageing-well strategy by identifying the differences in health and social outcomes by age group (50-64, 65-74, 75+), education, location etc. and the relationship between these by use of cross-tabs. 


Name: Derek O'Boyle
Institution: NUI Galway
Completion: December 2018

Project: For a PhD on the Economics of Ageing, with a focus on dementia, disability and socioeconomic status.


Name: Kieran Walsh
Institution: NUI Galway
Completion: December 2014

Project: The intended use of TILDA data concerns an exploration of rural ageing in Ireland today. In particular, the focus will be on the social, health and economic lives of older adults living in different kinds of rural settings and where appropriate different kinds of residential environments.


Name: Withheld
Institution: Withheld
Contact: Withheld
Completion: May 2016

Project: We are going to analyze the TILDA data in order to identify the factors associated with health ageing and mortality.


Name: Fan Yang
Institution: Nanjing Medical University
Completion: December 2016.

Project: Research in social epidemiology and medical sociology has consistently shown that people in lower socioeconomic status (SES) groups experience poorer health and live shorter lives than those in higher status groups. Therefore, the purpose of our study was to test whether SES differentials in mortality exist among the developing and developed countries. Our research question was, for the low-income countries, does SES still affect mortality significantly? More specifically, do SES differentials with respect to mortality disappear or enlarge beyond the particular regions? We will conduct proportional hazard analysis involving time-varying covariates to examine the impact of SES on mortality risk if we can use CLSA dataset.

This research project is also recorded under the theme: Ageing and Mortality.