Application Jukebox

Wed, 26 August 15

Application Jukebox - Improved access to a wider range of academic software applications
IT Services are excited to launch a new software application delivery service, called Application Jukebox. Application Jukebox will replace Software for U. The service will provide both staff and students access to a selection of the most popular academic software applications, accessible from computer labs on campus and users own Windows devices. Users will be able to access these Windows applications without the need for local installations.

We have been using Application Jukebox to power the Teaching Applications in PC labs during the past academic year, and feedback from users have been very positive. Application Jukebox allows IT Services to offer a wider range of Windows applications to end users with an increased performance experience.

Access to the Application Jukebox service from own devices is through the Application Jukebox icon in UCD Connect.
If you are using a Mac device you will first need to install a Windows instance, more information on how to do this is available here.

Click here for more information on getting started with Application Jukebox.

To access this service go to and click on the Application Jukebox link.