Changes to UCD Connect

Sat, 1 August 15

On 9th of June this year, Connect transitioned to a different style of service. It still provides links to those essential services such as Mail, Blackboard, Library etc. However, one difference is that you now click on the service link and then login (rather than logging in beforehand). Note that logging in to any one Google-based service eg. Mail will log you into all Google-based services i.e. Drive, Calendar etc and into Blackboard. In addition, Connect will provide links to partner websites which will provide additional services.

The UCD Connect service had been in place for 12 years and the technological landscape has changed a good deal in that time. Changes in service architecture together with an increasing trend toward consumer apps has meant that Connect no longer seamlessly delivers all the services required. Coupled with this, the complexity of the Connect service in terms of equipment and staff costs has led us to change the service.

When you access Connect you will be presented with a single page

  • There will still be easy access icons for email, Calendar, Google Drive and Blackboard in the top right of the page.
  • Logging into Email will log you into all Google services and Blackboard
  • There will be links to important services such as the Library and SISweb.
  • There will no longer be tabs.
  • There will be Application Launchpads providing access to applications.
  • UCD Community News will be displayed prominently.
  • There are Links to information pages (Student desk, Library, IT service announcements, UCD News & Events, Teaching and Learning news, Please Talk campaign, UCD Community)

How it works

1. Click the Connect button on the UCD Homepage

2. Choose the service you want to access

3. Login using your UCD Connect username and password