ECAR Survey 2016 - Results Now Published

Tue, 14 February 17

The results of the Educause ECAR survey 2016 are now available. 491 UCD students took part in this global student survey measuring technology usage trends in higher education. Compared with previous years we can see a significant increase in the ownership of smartphones amongst UCD students: ownership jumped from 70.2% in 2013 to 96.7% in 2016 while 42% now own a tablet compared to only 19% in 2013.
In terms of academic success, 95% of laptop users linked usage of their device with academic success compared to 71% in 2013. The popularity of online learning has also increased with a 12% rise in the number of respondents with a preference for blended learning since 2013. ‌ECAR 2016 results (pdf)

ecar 2016 results

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