Data Centre Physical Network Upgrade

Wed, 15 March 17

IT Services have embarked on an extensive project to upgrade the current server-farm network equipment. The work is necessary as the current network hardware will be end of support in September 2017.

Work has commenced on configuring the new hardware. Both sets of hardware will run in conjunction in order to migrate data on a Vlan by Vlan, server by server basis to the new hardware to minimise impact to current service.

Two major steps will be connecting to the current server-farm and connecting to the core network. After that we will be working to migrate individual servers to the new hardware.

All changes will be made over a number of maintenance windows (Tuesdays, 17:30-19:30, Service Announcement will be posted to our website). All the high impacting work will take place from Tuesday June 20 to Thursday June 22. All work is expected to be completed by August, 2017.