Terminalfour Cloud Hosting Project

Fri, 7 July 17

UCD IT Services recently successfully migrated our Content Management System (CMS) environment to the Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS).  This means that our entire web publishing infrastructure is now hosted in AWS.  We had previously migrated our main web server which hosts all of the websites under our domain www.ucd.ie to the AWS cloud.

The new CMS hosting environment brings many benefits for UCD’s web publishing community including improved scalability, resiliency and guaranteed 99.9% availability. This new cloud hosted environment will ensure you can update your website anytime, anywhere regardless of peak load levels or security attacks.

Users will also notice great improvements in general system performance especially in relation to reduced website preview times.

The new hosting service provides an excellent foundation for the next phase of the project, the upgrade of the CMS to version 8.0, a new more user-friendly version of CMS. A key feature of version 8.0 is a new authoring environment which incorporates full “direct edit”  functionality allowing authors to update the content directly on the webpage itself. With Terminalfour Direct Edit you can make any content changes whether simple or complicated in a very visual way.

Further information on our Web content management system and the upgrade project can be viewed here.

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