Mahara is a fully featured web application used to build electronic portfolios. Students can create journals, upload files, embed social media resources from the web and collaborate with other users in groups. 

Mahara is customizable and flexible. It is a personal learning environment mixed with social networking, allowing students to collect, reflect on and share their achievements and development online in a space you control.

Students can create pages containing their artifacts. These pages can thenbe shared with other students to allow collaboration or with tutors for assessment purposes.


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You can access Mahara by going to and logging in with your UCD username and password.


The Mahara e-portfolio system can be reviewed at the Demonstration site

Assignments can be configured within Blackboard with a link to Mahara.


Once users select the Mahara link they wil be automatically logged in.


After a tutor creates a group, a student can then submit a page to the group by selecting the “submit to groups” option available at the bottom of a page.


Once tutors select the group they will see all submissions made by students.


Help and advice is available from the Helpdesk, by emailing or at 716-2700.


The Mahara user manual can be found at

Q1 How to create your e-portfolio?

To create a portfolio simply select the portfolio tab and click on the page option. Choose “Create page”. Once a page has been created you can select it and drag contents/artefacts from the left hand panel onto the page. To share a page select the “Submit this page to” at the bottom of the page. Here you can select the group setup by your tutor.

You can also control who has access to your pages by selecting the Profile tab and clicking “Share by me”.

Q2 How to create an e-portfolio Assignment?
Within Mahara:

Go to the page or collection you want to submit:

  1. At the bottom of the page you will see a Submit button
  2. Your tutor will have assigned you to a submission group, select this group from list and click Submit
  3. Once submitted you will still be able to view your portfolio, but you will not be able to make any changes. You will no longer see the Edit button
  4. Click Yes to confirm submission
  5. Your submission is Date and Time stamped within Mahara and this shows you have successfully submitted. You will not receive an email receipt.
  6. Within the group your tutor will see your portfolio and the date and time submitted.
Within Blackboard:

In Blackboard select a Content Area (e.g. Assessment)


Select the Assignment Tab and choose Assignment


Enter the relevant details and click submit


Once the assignment has been created students can select the assignment and choose the” Write Submission option”

Students can then enter the Secret URL link in the text box.

The instructor can access the portfolio by  going to the Grade Centre , selecting the relevant column for the Assignment/Student. From the drop down box instructors can select “View Submission” and click in the secret URL link to review the portfolio within Mahara..

Q3 How to Export your Data?

You can export your data at any time by going to the Portfolio tab and selecting Export.

This will allow you export your data in two different ways.

  1. HTML: This option will export your content in a HTML style structure.
  2. Leap2A: This is a standard specification for e-portfolio portability and interoperability. Once exported your portfolio can then be imported to other Leap2a supported systems.