Audio Recording & Publishing

Media Services provide audio recording, editing and publishing. Academics may record lectures, demonstrations and research material. The clients may use written scripts. The audio can be edited and ‘cleaned’ for incorporation into multimedia content suitable for the web or DVD distribution. Audio voice-overs are often used as instructional or promotional pieces in video projects. Our audio recordings are suitable to be incorporated into projects using software such as Storyline. Articulate Storyline Software (opens a new window)

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Media Services:

Tel: +353 (0)1 716 2053

Main features of this service include:

  • Studio based recording and script writing advice
  • Audio presentation recording & syncing
  • Voice overs & audio cleaning
  • Post production & editing
  • Technical support & project based training
  • Audio is suitable for podcasts & online teaching

How much does the user pay?

The service is free of charge to the UCD Community.

Can I use the audio on my website?

Yes, the audio can be edited and compressed to suit your requirements.

Do I have to use my own voice?

No, you may ask someone else to speak for the recording, someone with a good speaking voice is ideal.

Do I have to write a script?

Yes, Media Services recommend that all clients write a script and have it proofread by a colleague to insure accuracy and clarity.

Can I add a voiceover to my video?

Yes, if you have a recording made we can add it to a video, and if you have a script we can record a voiceover for you.

Can I borrow audio equipment from Media Services?

Unfortunately, other than some small items, all of our equipment is studio gear and cannot be loaned. Please contact us if you have a specific requirement.

How do I make a podcast from my recordings?

In order to create a podcast you will need multiple audio files, a place to store them online and an RSS file to allow people to subscribe. We can assist you in setitng this up.

Can you improve the quality of recordings I have made myself?

It depends on how the recordings were made, but we can certainly try.


UCD Scholarcast

UCDscholarcast is a Digital Humanities project dedicated to the dissemination of academic research in the field of Irish Studies and adjacent disciplines through podcasting. Our specially commissioned podcasts by leading scholars, writers and artists are recorded in studio to ensure a high quality listening experience.