Interactive Multimedia Development

The Media Services team develop multimedia content that incorporates all of the services we offer to clients. Projects may consist of video, photography, print, graphic design, audio voice-overs, quizzes, and interactive & reflective learning items. We help plan and design projects. We also advise clients on what type of project may be most suitable for their specific needs.

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Media Services:

Tel: +353 (0)1 716 2036

Main features of this service include:

  • Multimedia content development for teaching
  • Layout & graphic design for publications
  • Online graphic design
  • Digital course design and development
  • Digital media integration
  • Digital animation
  • Audio and video conversion for archiving

How long will my project take?

The time taken to produce your project depends on the type, scale and complexity of your project. Media Services will discuss all these issues with you to help you plan your project timeline.

What should I consider when planning my project?

  • When do you want the project completed by? The time of year will be a factor. Summertime will not be a good time to take photos or video footage of a busy campus.
  • Consider availability of other staff and students that may be involved in your project.
  • Will the final format of the project be print or web based. This will influence how the project is to be produced.
  • Will you need to store or archive the project, consider storage or server space when planning your project.
  • Do you own images or other recources to be used in your project? Consider copyright  issues.
  • Consider the availability of space/buildings to take photos or shoot video. Weather, light and noise may also be a factor if you plan a location shoot.

Suicide Risk Assessment and Management eLearning

Sucide prevention

We worked with Dr. Allys Guerandel, Dr Kieran O Loughlin and colleagues from the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science and St Vincent’s University Hospital to produce the Suicide Risk Assessment and Management elearning. Media Services recorded videos of doctor-patient interviews and provided training, advice and support in the development of the learning materials. Medical students take the etutorials through Blackboard as part of their Psychiatry module.

M-BRiHT Rapid HIV Testing


We worked with Dr. Gerard O’Connor and colleagues and the Mater Misericordae Hospital Emergency Department. Media Services recorded videos of four ‘doctors’ (played by actors) who ask the questions. Media Services developed the questionnaire on a series of web pages, which display the questions in text and video. The web pages have a simple, uncluttered interface and run full screen. Media Services also developed a ‘back-end’ for test administration by research assistants.