This suite offers the opportunity to create audio and video for learning, teaching and research using various options to allow you to create and complete your content.  The options available are; standalone audio recording, assisted recording of audio material with an audio specialist, self/assisted recording of video material and video and audio editing functionality. 

While the standalone audio recording is suitable for any member of staff, it is envisaged that, initially, some assistance may be required with the other options.

The facilities are available to book during normal opening hours of the Daedalus building, Mon-Fri 8.30am-9.30pm, Sat 10am-5pm during term. Full details available here.


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Standalone audio recording in a self-service sound proof vocal booth.  This option is best suited to those who want a quick turnaround and audio output may be taken from the booth via the user's own usb key.

Assisted audio recording is recommended where a studio quality production is required and includes working with an audio specialist.  This service is best suited to first time audio experiences and to those looking for very polished output.

This space offers a video lounge with green and white screen facilities, 3 cameras and studio lighting.  It is suitable for recording 1 or 2 person segments in a variety of formats. 


The Video Capture space must only be booked by a video specialist or an educational technologist who has been trained in how to use the specialist equipment.

The Edit Suite is available for video and audio editing using Final Cut Pro.  The edit suite may be booked in tandem with Assisted Audio or Video Capture depending on requirements.  The media specialist or education technologist making the booking will be able to determine whether this is a requirement or not. 


This space must be booked by a media specialist or an education technologist who has been trained in how to use the specialist equipment.


Please note : If you cannot see a login box for this form, you must first log into UCD Connect mail in a seperate browser tab.  Go to UCD Connect and click on the Mail icon.  Once logged in, return to and refresh this page and you will see the booking form.

1. Can I borrow equimpent from the rooms in the Media Creation Suite?

No equipment can leave any of the media spaces.  All work must be completed within the suite.  Extra time slots may be booked (dependant on availability) if extra time is needed.

2. Can the lighting in the Video Capture space be changed?

If you require the lighting setup to be changed, please contact IT Services to arrange this.