Video Capture Booth 

The Video Capture Booth, a fixed installation which can be used to capture video, audio, screens and document camera output. This is located in the Daedalus building.  This booth allows video input from a video camera or document camera and anything presented via the PC, including audio.  The resulting podcast can then be processed and published to Blackboard.


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Instructions for use
  • Turn on the power for PC, Camera and Sound.
    - PC : at the top left front of the box, under the desk
    - Camera : Using remote control, press green power button
    - Microphone : Located at rear right of the mixer box



  • All levels are pre-set and controls should be left as they are.

  • When you have finished, pleast power off all units.
    - Please power down the PC by clicking the Windows logo and then choose Shut down
    - Use the Remote to turn off the camera and the switch on the Mixer box
    - Please leave the Echo Capture unit powered on

  • Prior to commencing your recording, make sure you have your lecture materials or presentation ready.

  • Click on the "Record" icon in the centre of the screen on the PC's desktop.

  • Enter the username INSTRUCTOR and the password INSTRUCTOR.

  • Click on AD HOC CAPTURE and complete your details on the form on screen.

    - Describe the Capture : Enter your full title and lecture title (module code)
    - How many minutes is the capture : You can pause, extend or stop the capture.  If you have more time than you needed, you can stop it when you have finished
    - What do you want to capture : Accept the default settings


  • You now have 5 seconds to maximise your presentation and to start your lecture/talk.

  • When you have finished, restore the ECHO screen and choose Stop, Pause or Extend (if you have run over the original itme you set, it will have automatically stopped). 

  • Inform IT Services and we will process the file and email you the link to the recording.

  • If you would like to schedule another recording, please check the room availability on the calendar in the booking form section below.

  • Please make sure to lock the room and return the key to an IT Services staff member in the Daedalus IT Centre.

The Wolfvision document camera / visualiser is a HD camera which can zoom in and out.  This can be used to record media using the ECHO 360 solution or can be used as a standalone solution.


Details of the Wolfvision Series 8 camera can be seen here:


The Wolfvision supports vSolution Connect.


You can use your iPad or Android device to do a range of interactive recordings. See

Please note : If you cannot see a login box for this form, you must first log into UCD Connect mail in a seperate browser tab.  Go to UCD Connect and click on the Mail icon.  Once logged in, return to and refresh this page and you will see the booking form.