Video Calls and Conferencing 

IT Services provides a number of facilities for Video Calls and Video Conferencing. 

This page outlines and provides a comparison of Google Hangouts, Skype for Business and Blackboard Collaborate. This should help you decide which service best meets your requirements.

In AV-equipped rooms Image Supply Services can be contacted for assistance: ext 7300 

IT Services also provide a Conferencing facility in the Daedalus building that can be booked by UCD staff.

Video Conferencing Daedalus

Access to Blackboard Collaborate requires a Blackboard account.


Google Hangouts

Skype for Business

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

How do I access the service?

Via Google Apps

Via Office 365. Requires download of Office suite.

There is no standalone installer.

Via Blackboard.

How many participants can a call have?

Up to 25 U‌p to 250  Up to 6 simultaneous video but 250 users online.

Integrated Scheduling with Google Calendar?

Usage Scenarios

Scheduled video meetings.
Ad-hoc meetings.
One-on-one or group calls.
People can be invited to join open Hangouts

Provides a virtual meeting room.
Recommended for situations where
it's not possible to use Google services.


Virtual classroom. Collaborative
work using video, audio, whiteboard,
chat, weblinks and shared applications.


Open All

Before scheduling a video call or conference:

  1. Familiarise yourself with recommended options.
  2. Try the systems with a colleague to see what will work best for you.
  3. Schedule a short test call to ensure you can connect successfully. Verify your camera and microphone are working correctly.

Before beginning a scheduled video call or conference:

  1. Select an appropriate location to talk. A quiet place where you can speak at a reasonable volume. Ideally the area within the view of the camera should be well-lit and free of visual distractions.
  2. Use headphones or have them on hand in case you experience feedback or problems with audio quality.
  3. Close programs you don’t need before your session. Don’t forget to close background programs that could pop-up or interfere with your audio or video.
  4. Start your software at least 10 minutes early to avoid last minute glitches.
  5. Use a fast and reliable internet connection. A poor connection to the internet can result in choppy or garbled video and audio – no matter what software you use.
  6. Exchange phone numbers in advance so that you can troubleshoot if necessary. Have a backup plan in place in case you can’t connect online. Will you talk on the phone or reschedule?

Video Conferencing Support

The links below provide support information:

Google Hangouts

Skype for Business

Blackboard Collaborate

Contact Us

The UCD IT Services Helpdesk can provide you with assistance and information on most IT issues.


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General hours of service: Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 17.30.

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IT Centres are offices with wireless and wired access points, printing services, as well as IT advice and other assistance.

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