Search Tips for the UCD Directory


With the recent enhancements to the UCD Directory, campus facilities and services are now included in the main directory listing and can be searched for in the same manner as we do for staff and general enquiries.


The Staff Directory works like Google.  Simply type what you know about the person, school/unit, facility or service that you are looking for and the directory will try to find records that match what you type in.  You can search based on some or all of a name, role, school/unit or building.

Campus facilities and services are displayed in blue, people are in black. If no search criteria are entered all the directory entries are returned with the campus facilities and services appearing at the top in alphabetical order.

To make life easier, the directory will automatically find Irish Language names which include fadas whether you type the fada in or not.  Also, if you have recorded your maiden name with HR, then you can be found by searching for either your married or maiden name.

You can sort the directory – by simply clicking the column which you want to sort.

You can paste the results into Microsoft Excel – once you have found the people you want - simply click on the Copy button and then paste into Excel.  This is a very useful feature to create a quick list of people in a school/unit.  Note this feature is only available within UCD Connect and not on the UCD Website.


Here are some useful searches you might want to try:


If you are looking for ...



Simply ...


Everyone in a Building

Type the full name of the Building e.g. "Newman Building"

Everyone in a School/Unit

Select the school/unit from the drop down list

Everyone with a particular title/role

Type “Head of School” – yes including the quotation marks – just like Google.  This also works for most other formal titles.


Someone but cannot remember their full name


Type what your know from their name – e.g. John in Registry or Michael in Tierney may help you find the correct person

Someone in an school/unit – but do not know the name of the person

Most school/units have a “General Enquiries” number – select the school/unit to see this.

A specific facility or service on campus

Type in the name or partial name of the outlet - such as "Starbucks" or "Post Office"

Listing of facilities or services on campus

Type in Restaurant to get a list of all restaurants/cafés, or type in Shop to get a list of all shops


If your own person details on the directory are incorrect – click here to find how to get them corrected.

If you wish to update or add new entries for campus facilities or services please email 


The UCD Directory has been developed by the Management Services team in IT Services.  We always welcome feedback to