CloudEdu Servers

UCD IT Services offers managed VMware based PaaS (Platform as a Service) servers.  This service takes advantage of virtualization technology to host multiple PaaS servers, each of which functions as a complete and independent server, on a single physical machine.  A standard PaaS server offering is a VM with 4gb RAM and 60gb of storage. FAQs >

CloudEdu Storage and HEAnet EduStorage

UCD IT Services and HEAnet both offer high-performance cloud storage services dedicated to either virtual or physical machines. Both these storage offerings are block-based storage services accessible over the IP network using iSCSI. They can be used as a replacement for fibre-channel network storage, and may be used by customers to provide end users with storage space. FAQS >

CloudEdu Hosting

UCD IT Services offers hosting in our high density state of the art Daedalus Data Centre.  Hosting can be procured on a 'per rack' basis or a 'subset of a rack' basis.  Please email for more information on these offerings.

CloudEdu Network Access

UCD IT Services offers dual redundant 10 Gbit/s connectivity to the Internet for research and education use.  Each connection is assigned a single public IP address.  Please email for more information on this offering.

CloudEdu Shared Web Hosting

UCD IT Services offers the University a shared web hosting package to host your web content, such as websites, blogs, surveys and databases, and make them quickly available on the world wide web. The package makes it easy for users to manage their website, along with support for PHP, mySQL, FTP, SSL, and a range of web applications. FAQs >