Collaborating with ICHEC in the provision of this facility to users within UCD and the broader research community in Ireland increases our ability as a University and a country to both retain our best researchers and attract further research interests. Through this colloboration, UCD Researchers can take advantage of the latest HPC from ICHEC, named "Fionn" to drive their reseearch forward.

Fionn was launched by ICHEC in December 2013. Fionn (fionn.ichec.ie) is a hybrid machine made up of four components: Thin, Hybrid, Fat and Service.

  • The Thin component is an SGI ICE X system of 320 nodes or 7680 cores made of 2.4GHz Intel Ivy Bridge cores. Each node has 2x12 core processors, 64GB of RAM and is connected using FDR InfiniBand. This amounts to 20TB of RAM across the partition.
  • The Hybrid partition contains 32 nodes. Each of these nodes has 2x10 core 2.2GHz Intel Ivy Bridge with 64GB of RAM. This partition has accelerators from Intel and NVIDIA. 16 nodes have 32 Intel Xeon Phi 5110P's while the other 16 have 32 NVIDIA K20X's.
  • The Fat section is an SGI UV2000 where 1.7TB of RAM is accessible to 112 cores of Intel Sandy Bridge (14x8 cores processors) and 2 Intel Xeon Phi 5110P's.
  • The final component contains a set of service and administrative nodes to provide user login, batch scheduling, management, tape backup, switches, etc. Storage is provided via a DDN SFA12k-20 with 560TB of capacity to all components of the machine via a Lustre filesystem.

Fionn quadruples the computing resources previously available to scientists in Ireland (and this is only considering the Thin partition). It also provides access to the latest technology from Intel, Ivy Bridge processors + Xeon Phi coprocessors, and NVIDIA, Tesla accelerators, to researchers across Ireland.

On its Launch, Fionn made its way to 358th position of the world top500 most powerful supercomputers, and straight to 1st place on the Irish Supercomputer List.

Whilst the cluster is located within the Waterford IT Campus physically, there is a dedicated 1GB High Speed Link directly to the ICHEC Cluster from HEAnet. This ensures that access to the cluster be identical for all users and ICHEC themselves control the security of both their cluster network and the cluster. General support for UCD - ICHEC Cluster users will be available also through ICHEC, with  Research IT Services hosting ICHEC support staff on site on a scheduled basis to assist customers.

More information about the Fionn cluster is available from ICHEC

Getting an Account

If you would like to apply for an account on a Research IT Administered Compute Cluster (including Fionn) we recommend that you first familiarise yourself with our clusters and then apply for an account using our Account Request Form.