Shared Compute Cluster Service

The Shared Compute Cluster Service is available to all researchers within the University. Within this clustered environment users can build, test and run code. The Research IT Services team administers the service and supports users in accessing and utilising the facilities to their maximum advantage.

The number of nodes dedicated to the shared service varies depending on the development work being undertaken by the Research IT Services team. As such the service is intended as a facility for short run jobs, code testing, benchmarking and familiarisation with a clustered computing environment.

Users with long term, high volume, computational needs are welcome to use the shared resources for the above purposes but should be looking at contributing to the Community Service and utilising the UCD ICHEC facilities.

Community Compute Cluster

The UCD IT Services Research IT Community Compute Cluster is a unique proposition for UCD researchers to increase return on investment on high performance compute cluster equipment.

The concept behind the cluster is to allow small groups with restricted amounts of funding to pool hardware with UCD IT Services and other research groups to gain access to increased compute power thus maximising their investment in information technology. In return for contributing the cost of one or more nodes to the cluster researchers will get a allocation of core computational hours greater than that which they would get in spending the equivalent amount of capital themselves.

Contributors also benefit from a reduction in implementation time as well as removing the necessity for researchers or research groups to spend precious research time on administering computer equipment.The cluster is built, hosted and maintained by the UCD IT Services Research IT Services Team.

It is hosted in the Research IT Data Centre in the Daedalus Building, where it benefits from a purpose built air-conditioned environment with UPS and generator support.

How to Contribute

Research IT Services have devised a Contribution Model based on the capital and maintenance costs of the cluster. If you are interested in contributing to the cluster please read the contribution model and contact us