PC Replacement Plan

IT Services is in the third year of a five year plan to refresh and decommission the number of open-access PCs owned and managed by the unit.  In conjunction with Room Allocations, Estates Services and the Library an in-depth analysis of usage was carried out on all devices.

Please also note that SUAS (Stand Up And Surf) PCs as a service will be ending.  SUAS PCs will be removed as they come to end of life.

Summer 2018 - computer labs replacement:

  • Daedalus building, room G5, 56 PCs to be replaced
  • Richview Newstead, room F20/21, 56 PCs to be replaced
  • James Joyce Library Level 2, PRC room, 35 PCs to be replaced in partnership with the UCD Library

Installation and Removal Dates 

 Location  Removal Date  Installation Date
 Daedalus building, room G5  from 29th May to 1st June  from 5th June
 Richview Newstead, room F20/21  from 7th to 11th June  from 12th June
 James Joyce Library Level 2, PRC room  11th & 12th  June

 from 13th to 22nd June 

SUAS - various locations  from 21st May to 12th July   

Communication schedule

 Date  Action  Communication Channel  Audience
 April  Inform College Principals,
 Heads of Schools
 Email  College Principals/HOS
 April  Inform key users of changes  Email  Key users of the facilities
 May  Post signage locally

 Signage on lab doors and SUAS benches

 Users of the space and
 staff in buildings

 May  Raise awareness generally amongst staff  Story in 'All Staff eZine'  All staff


Should you have any queries in relation to this project please contact the IT Helpdesk at ithelpdesk@ucd.ie or 01 716 2700.