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Compute Clusters

Compute clusters have become an increasingly important tool for many researchers within the University. Research IT Services provides compute cluster facilities to researchers of different usage levels and requirements.

As a member of the UCD research community you have the opportunity to utlise any of the three compute cluster services hosted on the campus including the UCD ICHEC Fionn compute cluster service.

Research IT currently administers a High Performance Compute Cluster named Sonic, with 12 nodes built on DELL/Intel Hardware, each with 128GB RAM, and 12 IvyBridge Hyperthreading Cores. Within this single hardware platform, Research IT Services provide two level of service, a Shared Compute Service which is free to all UCD registered users and a Community Compute Service which in an innovative contribution based service. The sonic cluster also offers a specialized GPU node with Nvidia Telsa M2090, along with an additional High Memory node.

December 2013 will see the Phaeton cluster service being decommissioned. Some of the Phaeton hardware will then be incorporated into Sonic to boost the performance of our new cluster.

Some of the phaeton cluster will also be re-deployed into our new specialized "MATLAB" cluster. MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, plotting of  functions and data, implementation of algorithms and interfacing with programs written in other languages, including C, C++ and Java.

UCD also colloborates with the Irish Centre for High End Computing to provide access to their latest HPC, Fionn. For more information see the UCD ICHEC Service page.

Access and Support

You can apply for an account on any of these services using our Account Request Form .

If you would like to become a contributor to the Community Compute Cluster please email

Further information

Shared Compute Service (Free, Lower Resource Limits)

Community Compute Service (Contributary, Higher Resource Limits)

UCD ICHEC Service 

Service Level

Please see the Customer Charter for our defined service level agreements and resolution times.