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High Performance Computing Clusters

UCD Research IT provide a wide range of services to the UCD Research community in relation to the provisioning and use of High Performance Compute Clusters. The HPC environment is ideal for researchers who need access to substantial computing resources, allowing them to greatly reduce the time required to perform large scale calculations. We currently have 3 options for the use of HPC clusters:

Tier 1

Tier 1 is a national service and is allocated to user projects that range in size from small "Discovery" (Class C) projects to large multi-year "High Impact" (Class A) projects. Customers for this service may require PI level status. Further information on this service is available here.

Tier 2

In collaboration with ICHEC (Irish Centre for High End Computing) ResearchIT offers a HPC condominium service which allows users to run large parallel processing jobs via Further details on this service are available here. The software available on the fionn cluster is available to view here.

Tier 3

Tier 3 offers the use of either the Sonic or Matlab clusters which are both suitable for serial or loosely coupled jobs. These clusters are offered under both the Community and Shared Compute models. The Community model allows those customers who can offer funding to these clusters a higher priority level over other customers who are operating with more restricted budgets. Both clusters are administered and managed by ResearchIT at no cost to the customers using them. Further information is available here.

Research IT Tier 3 Clusters

Cluster Name Sonic Matlab
Hardware Manufacturer Dell IBM
Number of Nodes 24 8
Total Number of Cores 656 (hyper-threaded) 64
Total Processing Speed 4.974 Teraflops per second 0.645 Teraflops per second
Processor Speed 2.0GHz Intel Ivy Bridge 3.0GHz Intel Harpertown
Memory per Nodes 128Gb (16) 256Gb (8)  32Gb
Interconnect Ethernet (1Gb) Ethernet (1Gb)
Home Directory Quota 50GB 100Gb
Scratch Space 10Tb None
Additional Nodes Types

GPU - Nvidia Telsa M2090 512 core & 64GB RAM

High Memory - 765 GB RAM 4 * 2.2GHz (6 core)

Computational Usage Suitable for serial or loosely coupled jobs Matlab Users Only
User Guide Sonic User Guide Matlab User Guide
Software List Sonic Software List Matlab R2013b
Full Hardware Specification Sonic Hardware Spec N/A

Applying for a HPC Account

To apply for an account on any of these clusters please fill out this application form and a member from Research IT or ICHEC will be in contact with you.

For Help, Advice or Additional Software Requirements

Please email