Phishing email advisory notification Tuesday 30th August, Refund for product purchase

Tue, 30 August 16

What is happening:

A number of Phishing emails have been received recently by UCD account holders. Do not click on the links within these emails.

Example 1:

Dear Joe Bloggs

Thank you for buying the following product on 12/08/2016 11:17:39 p.m Product Name: STATIS Order Number: IE55LM982GBR Receipt Date: 12/08/2016 11:17:39 p.m Order total: 20.99 €

If you did not authorize this purchase, please: Click here for Refund. 


Example 2:

Hi ,

Thanks again for subscribing to YouTube Music Key through the App Store. Your free trial has ended, and you'll be charged € 9.55/month starting today. Your receipt for your first payment is below.

Order details

Order number: ITUNES-APP6214521SJ453044
Order date: 29/08/2016

If you did not authorize this purchase, please visit the App Store Payment Cancellation Form within the next 12 hours in order to cancel this payment.