Windows XP machines should be removed from the network

Tue, 3 April 18

From April 2018, Sophos will no longer release anti-virus updates for Windows XP or 2003 devices. 

Microsoft removed support and stopped releasing updates, including security updates for Window XP and 2003 in April 2014.  Any machines, including devices with embedded XP operating system must be upgraded, replaced or removed from the campus network as a matter of urgency.

Any machines discovered connected to the network running these operating systems are in breach the University Acceptable Use Policy as they are putting confidential University information, including personal information and the network at unacceptable risk. 

AUP Compliance - Quarantine XP Devices:
In order to protect University Information, any Windows XP or 2003 machines connected to the University network will be quarantined.

More information is available here.