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The Irish Virtual Research Library & Archive (IVRLA) is a major digitisation and digital object management project launched in UCD in January 2005.  The project was conceived as a means to preserve elements of UCD’s main repositories and increase and facilitate access to this material through the adoption of digitisation technologies.  

Additionally the project will undertake dedicated research into the area of interacting with and enhancing the use of digital objects in a research environment through the development of a digital repository. When fully implemented, the IVRLA will be one of the first comprehensive digital primary source repositories in Ireland, and will advance the research agenda into the use and challenges affecting this new method of research, and of digital curation over the coming years.

The Project is a component of the Humanities Institute of Ireland (HII) and is funded by the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI) Phase 3.  The Project is based in the UCD James Joyce Library and involves close co-operation with both the library and the participating repositories.

The Project was initiated in January 2005 and is currently scheduled to run for five years.

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