The UCD Lau Gar Kickboxing Club is one of the most popular martial arts clubs amongst both men and women in the university. We cater for a wide range of interests and, levels, from beginners to advanced. Training is based on the traditional Chinese Lau Gar syllabus, kickboxing, sparring and, includes aerobic/cardio fitness and flexibility.

Two professional and experienced Lau Gar Ireland instructors facilitate the club during the training sessions. Training is aimed at each individual's level of fitness, flexibility and aptitude with a view to improvement.

We also teach practical self-defence, which varies from instructor to instructor, so come along to each of our classes and see what you like best. There are also many seminars and courses with world-renowned instructors,plus competitions and social events to come to during the year. Check the appropriate links to keep up to date with the latest goings-on.

The website has been on hiatus for some time now, and most of our current news and activity is posted on Facebook. Feel free to contact us by email, facebook or come along to training and ask us in person. Any of the senior grades will be happy to help you, or at least redirect you to someone who can.

Charllie Kelly, Aaron Voyles and Ellen Geary

Peter Hornby Class

April 12, 2012

On April the 12th we were delighted to have a class given by Peter Hornby, 6th Degree Black Sash and Lau Gar Guardian.

Mr Hornby flew over specially with his son, Jason Hornby (4th Degree Black Sash) and instructed the club on traditional Lau Gar techniques, the Five Animals of Lau Gar and how to apply the traditional style into competitive kickboxing.

This was a great opportunity for the whole class to learn from this guardian and was appreciated by all. More photos can be seen on facebook here.

April Gradings

April 10, 2012

Big congratulations to everyone who graded on the 10th of April.

This included;

Michael Keady and Krystle O'Cull achieving Green Sash.

May Wong and David Nicoll achieving Orange Sash.

Rocky Cornelius, Gina Sarneli, Steve O' Geibheannaigh, Miriam Lynn, Ed Forristal, Pádraig Lucey, Liam Conway, Dylan Magner and Blínne Loughran achieving Blue Sash.

Liam Murphy achieving White Sash.

And a special congratulations to Catherine Bailey and Mark Redmond who achieved their Brown Sashes down in Wexford!