8th Annual Postgraduate Workshop

Friday, 23rd of May 2014

World Trade Organisation in Legal Context: Challenges of the Past and Prospects for the Future

The eight edition of the Postgraduate Students Workshop, of the UCD Sutherland School of Law, took place on 23rd of May 2014. The Workshop was a student-run event aimed at providing a forum for postgraduate students to present their works and at the same time receive feedback from academics. Engendering of informed debates and the facilitation of networking among students, from within and outside Ireland, was also prioritised on the agenda by the organisers. The theme of the workshop was ‘The World Trade Organisation in a Legal Context: Challenges of the Past and Prospects for the Future’. The Workshop’s theme focused particularly on international trade and economic law, and intellectual property.


The Workshop consisted of five panels, each with two to four speakers:

Panel 1: Trade, Economy and Justice

Discussant: Professor Imelda Maher

Chair: Ms Mu Li

1. Stuart MacLennan (Trinity College Dublin): International Economic Institutions and Reform of International Direct Taxation

2. Oisin Suttle (University College London): Fair Trade, Trade Remedies and the World Trade Organization

3. Osayomwanbor Bob Enofe (University College Dublin): Hegemonic Deterrence- Oriented Cartel Curtailment Arguments and the Need for (further) Interdisciplinary Analyses: Reconsidering the case for 'Compliance'

Panel 2: TRIPS, Traditional Knowledge and Implications for Developing Countries

Discussant: Professor Joseph Andrew McMahon

Chair: Ms. An Yongkang

1. Andrea Zappalaglio (University of Oxford): The Protection of Traditional Knowledge within WTO legal frame: (again) a TRIPs’ failure?

2. Emmanuel Kolawole Oke (University College Cork): Exploring the Flexibilities in TRIPS: Lessons from the History of Pharmaceutical Patent Law

3. Mohammad Erfanmanesh (University College Dublin): How Geographical Indications Could Be a Tool to Protect Traditional Knowledge-based Products?

Panel 3: WTO and Dispute Settlements

Discussant: Dr. Noel McGrath

Chair: Ms. Morgane Nerrou

1. Malorie Schaus (European University Institute, Florence): ‘Measure’ under WTO Law and Case Law

2. Patharawan Chongchit (Monash University, Melbourne): The Possibility to Establish Multilateral Investment Protection and Investor-State Dispute Settlement under the WTO Regime

3. Xiuyan Fei (University College Dublin): Comments on WTO Tribunals’ Characterization of National Law Interpretation

Panel 4: WTO, Technology and National Implementation

Discussant: Mr. Brian Hutchinson

Chair: Mr. Osayomwanbor Bob Enofe

1. Rodrigo Cespedes Proto (Lancaster University): The Influence of the WTO-GATT Framework on the Chilean Legal System

2. Mu Li (University College Dublin): Space for International Technology Trade Liberalization? A Study on WTO Security Exception and Dual-use Technology Trade Restriction

Panel 5: Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and Environment

Discussant: Professor Joseph Andrew McMahon

Chair: Ms. Miriam Keane

1. Metka Potocnik (Queen Mary University of London): Comparing and Contrasting: Protecting Trade Marks under International Investment Agreements (IIAs) and the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual  Property Rights (the TRIPS Agreement)

2. Yuan Qiong Hu (SOAS, University of London): Enough for Innovation?: Discussion on the Effects and Limitations on Research and Experimental Exceptions of Patent under TRIPS in the Context of Medical Innovation

3. Maria Alejandra Calle (University College Cork): Reframing the Boundaries of the Debate about Environmental NPR-PPMs’

4. Qiong Du (Bangor University): The Debate around Patents and Access to Environmentally Sound Technologies: Time to Break Impasse and Isolation in Climate Mitigation and Adaption


All panels benefited from detailed feedback of Discussants selected from the UCD Sutherland School of Law. Discussants gave constructive criticism to individual presenters.

The keynote speaker of the 8th Annual Postgraduate Workshop was Mr. Peter Sutherland S.C., Former Director-General of the World Trade Organization. The title of his speech was “A Personal View on the History and Future of the WTO”. The keynote address was followed by stimulating questions and answers.

At the end of the Workshop two prizes sponsored by Clarus Press were awarded to: Mr. Emmanuel Kolawole Oke, from University College Cork (for Best Paper), and Mr. Andrea Zappalaglio, from University of Oxford (for Best Presentation).

The Organising team has received excellent feedback from presenters, revealing high satisfaction with the Workshop and its organisation, the venue and facilities provided, as well as the quality and constructive nature of the feedback received from discussants. The highly stimulating nature of the key note address delivered by Mr. Peter Sutherland has also been highly lauded.

The 8th Annual Postgraduate Workshop was supported by the UCD Sutherland School of Law, UCD Newman Fund, and Clarus Press. The Organisers of the 2014 Workshop were:

- An Yongkang

- Faiza Ismail Lobania

- Mohammad Hossein Erfanmanesh

- Morgane Nerrou

- Mu Li

- Osayomwanbor Bob Enofe


L to R: - Ms Morgane Nerrou, Mr Mohammad Hossein Erfanmanesh (PhD students), Mr. Peter Sutherland S.C. (Former Director-General of WTO), Professor Colin Scott (Dean of Law), Ms Mu Li, Ms An Yongkang and Mr Osayomwanbor Bob Enofe (PhD students).