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Click here to find Andrew Jackson in conversation on the use of satellite and aerial imagery in environmental disputes.


The Access Initiative is the largest civil society network in the world dedicated to ensuring that citizens have the right and ability to influence decisions about the natural resources that sustain their communities. The network encompasses more than 250 civil society organizations in 60 countries worldwide, from Argentina to Zimbabwe working to create a global movement promoting environmental democracy.



Geary Institute Presentation - April 2016

As an interdisciplinary project – namely one that combines issues relating to environmental law with socio-economic methodologies – it seems fitting that the Effective Nature Laws team presented their work at the Geary Institute for Public Policy’s seminar series on 27 of April. The presentation outlined our projected plans for the Effective Nature Laws project over the coming years. In particular we focussed on the fields of study covered, theoretical perspectives considered and methodologies envisioned.

The project is located at the intersection between the law and economics, socio-legal and governance/regulatory literatures, and brings together multiple methods from these fields to test its hypotheses. The Geary Institute is Ireland’s leading economic and social research establishment and so feedback from its expert staff proved invaluable for us. Specifically, they offered insights into better improving our leximetric, surveying, interviewing and experimental economic techniques during the course of the project. For this, we are grateful!

Geary Institute