These are the CRUCIAL, WORLD SHAPING MOTIONS that are up for discussion at our weekly lunchtime humour debates every Tuesday at 1pm. In fact, you can discuss anything you want, speak as many times as you like, and say whatever the fuck you want because there's no censor at the LawSoc lunchtime humour debates. In fact, the only method we have of shutting you up is to give every speaker free donuts, compliments of those handsome devils in 911.

So keep your eyes peeled for the posters, bring a few friends, and we'll guarantee a laugh and FREE nosher. In the past, people have chosen this occasion to dump their loved one, show their penis piercing, and perform their rap, as well as cracking some genuinely humorous gags. There's no shortage of free entertainment or free food at the LawSoc Lunchtime debates.