One of the most shocking revelations about LawSoc is the existence of, (within the LawSoc committee) a selection of "people", whos sole purpose it is to provide you with entertainment.
These monsters show no remorse for the countless people who have suffered at their preying hands. Numerous innocents have been left to deal with the pain of hangovers, minor cuts and bruises, encounters with the law, dodgy kebabs or unfortunate one night stands. The first trap is a Freshers Bonanza event known as Discovery. Now established as the event of Freshers week, many innocent souls are lost at this first hurdle. This year Coyote Lounge is the venue, and whilst the price of the ticket may only be a few euro, the cost of being at the event is far greater. Be prepared to lose your balance and your dinner, at least once during the night. With nearly 1000 people at the event and a beer for only  2.50, this is destined to be a huge occasion.

Other legendary events include the Halloween Disco, and keep your eye out for our 80s Day after Christmas.