Leading and Managing

Offering and providing a vision with which people can engage, as well as managing your resources to make that vision real requires a range of skills and experience.  Whether leading a School or Unit or managing a small team of people, you can contact us to discuss what options are available to support you in your development as a leader and manager.  

As a leader you are also familiar with the concepts of 'Managing Change' and Team Development and the associated challenges they can present.  These are also areas in which we can also provide support.  Through facilitative methods such as The World Cafe, we can also help you generate conversations within your School or Unit.  We want to understand your School/Unit and its unique context and work in a bespoke way where possible.

Action Learning provides another method of working with you in your particluar context.  Using the principles of action learning, sessions are designed to work directly on the particularly challenges of the School/Unit.  This make it a paricularly useful approach when implementing a Quality Implementation Plan. Check out our QIP Case Studies.

Executive Coaching is another service aimed at supporting managers and leaders. Like the MBTI, it helps provide greater self-awareness, an opportunity to explore what can be limiting beliefs and gives you a chance to slow down and take stock.  It is also an excellent tool for helping you plan for the future without losing sense of the here-and-now. 

The UCD Aurora Leadership Programme is an innovative leadership development training programme aimed at women up to senior lecturer and equivalent professional services level. It aims to encourage women in academic and professional roles to think of themselves as leaders; to develop leadership skills and to help institutions like UCD maximise the leadership potential of women.  Click on the Aurora icon below for information on the Aurora programme for 2018/19.  For those of you wanting to know more about the Aurora Programme please contact Edel Quinn, People & Organisation Development, UCD Human Resources.

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With regard to other challenges you face as a leader/manager, talk to your HR Partner or contact us directly at staffdevelopment@ucd.ie to have a conversation about your particular needs.