Performance for Growth (P4G)

P4G is a framework that provides the opportunity for all UCD employees to have at least one annual conversation with their line manager, Head of School or alternate reviewer, within which

  • achievements and challenges of the previous year are reflected on and feedback is provided;
  • goals and objectives for the coming year are agreed;
  • a personal development plan, if required, is discussed and agreed;
  • career aspirations are explored and supported where possible.

P4G Preparation

To ensure that everyone is as well prepared as possible for their P4G conversation, we have developed a training approach that blends face to face learning with eLearning. At the heart of P4G is your annual conversation during which you will:

  • Review how the previous year has gone for you;
  • Agree a set of objectives related to your role which support the overall objectives of the School or Unit in the coming year;
  • Agree a personal development plan, identifying skills and competencies you wish to develop or enhance over the coming year and how you will achieve this development. The plan may include activities like involvement in new projects within or outside your School/Unit, representing your School or Unit on a committee, mentoring, coaching, or a formal training programme.
  • Explore your career options and aspirations. (This discussion will inform your development plan.)

For Reviewees (and we are all Reviewees), the training will help with how to SMART check your objectives; how to navigate the online system and what to consider when creating your development plan.

For our Reviewers, the training will build on a coaching approach to quality conversations that was introduced during the Leadership and People Management Programme (LPMP) and People Management Programme (PMP) in 2017/2018. It will also look at how to create the best environment for a positive conversation; objective setting and optimal development plans using the 70:20:10 Model.


If you have any questions relating to P4G, please see our P4G webpage‌ or email

Resources & Supports


Managing for Success Toolkit