Leadership & People Management


Offering and providing a vision with which people can engage, as well as managing your resources to make that vision real, requires a range of skills and experience.  Whether leading a School or Unit or managing a small team of people, we have a number of events to support you in your development as a leader and manager.  Our Leadership & People Management Programme is targeted at members of our University Management Team (UMT) and the Extended Leadership Group (ELG).  Our People Management Programme is aimed at  those who manage teams, small or large, and/or to whom people report.  Both programmes include a core module and a number of elective modules    

Executive Coaching is another service aimed at supporting managers and leaders. If you are stepping into a new manager or leadership role - contact us to learn about your development options including access to a coach to support you in transition. 

The UCD Aurora Leadership Programme is an innovative leadership development training programme aimed at women up to Associate Professor and equivalent professional levels, see UCD Aurora Programme for details of the 2018/19 programme. 

With regard to other challenges you face as a leader/manager, talk to your HR Partner or contact us directly at peopledevelopment@ucd.ie to have a conversation about your particular needs.‌