Pension & Retirement

In recognition of the complex issues involved in planning for your retirement, People & Organisation Development offers a number of programmes to provide UCD employees with information on retirement planning issues and the UCD Pension Schemes.   


UCD Pensions: New Starter

This one hour lunchtime seminar is aimed at all employees who have commenced work in UCD within the last few months and who are members of the Single Public Service Scheme.  All new entrants to pensionable public service employment on or after 1 January 2013 are, in general, members of the Single Scheme.  


Income Protection Scheme

This one hour lunchtime seminar is aimed at all employees who wish to familiarise themselves with the UCD Income Protection Scheme.  It will provide information on Life Assurance Benefit and Income Protection Benefit.


UCD Pensions: Notional Service & Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

This one hour lunchtime seminar is aimed at all employees who are in the UCD Pension Schemes.  It will provide an overview for those interested in voluntarily augmenting their UCD Pension Benefits.  Please note the Notional Service Option is only available to employees who have a potential of 9 years service in UCD.


Mid Career Financial Planning

This one day course is aimed at all employees within about 15 to 20 years from retirement age.  It will identify the financial issues that need to be addressed at this stage to ensure a financially secure retirement.


Retirement Planning - Aspects of Social Welfare

This two hour seminar will provide a brief overview of the social welfare system in Ireland, with reference to retirement, which will help participants to realise their own entitlements.  It will explain the different classes of PRSI and the relevant entitlements and how to access your record.


Retirement Planning Programme

This two day programme is an essential preparation for retirement.  It deals with the nature of the changes that will occur on retirement, particularly with reference to money, health, time and relationships.  Participants will receive accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on which to base better decisions for the years ahead.



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Retirement Planning Course 
"The most nurturing event I've ever attended in UCD, everyone was treated so well and so respectfully. Even the food was different. L&D were on every detail right down to checking the plates!"

"Sincerest thanks for organising such a good course. Everything about the two days was just perfect.You do such marvellous work in Staff Development"