Supporting Schools and Units - Developing Potential

As well as our programme of events, we can also design and deliver customised solutions to help you and your school or unit work more effectively.

This service is available through your HR Partner and the People and Organisation Development specialists.  We collaborate with you on whatever your particular challenge might be, whether it is bringing your strategy to life so that it has meaning for everyone in your school or unit or whether it is helping you to respond to a major change impacting your area.

We can also support you with customised workshops on team dynamics/teambuilding using a variety of tools to explore what is already working well and where things might need to change.

The key to this approach is getting a thorough understanding of your context and this will entail a number of meetings with you and other key stakeholders.  The following outlines the end to end process;


This is not necessarily a linear process and after an initial intervention a new need may emerge in which case a similar process will be followed.  When dealing with Schools and Units that have operated in a particular way over a number of years and decades, there is often no one single intervention that will bring you to your desired outcome but instead it is often an iterative process which over time will begin to pay dividends and move you towards your destination.

Examples of activities include:

•    Building leadership capacity
•    Strategic planning
•    Bringing UCD’s values to life
•    Supporting the development of high performing teams

For further information on the above and an initial meeting to explore your particular challenge, contact us at or alternatively speak with your local HR Partner.

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