Cross Cultural Awareness and Communication


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UCD HR Learning & Development


Aimed at

All staff and faculty who interact directly with international students.

'I enjoyed the course. The content is relevant and useful. In view of the increasing internationalisation of UCD, I would highly recommend that every staff member goes on this course''



This course is designed to increase cross-cultural awareness and provide participants with skills to engage and communicate more effectively and confidently with international students.
Participants will be encouraged to explore their own assumptions and preconceptions about other cultures, as well as developing awareness of their own cultural heritage and how it affects their world views, values and assumptions. Participants will also learn skills to minimize problems and misunderstandings that arise from cultural difference. The course is interactive and will draw on participants’ own experience.



• Define the key terms relating to “culture” and apply this knowledge to discuss cultural difference in a positive way
• Identify the cultural values that cause cultural and communication differences and identify barriers to effective cross cultural communication
• Understand how awareness about other cultures and cultural differences can improve interactions in a multicultural environment
• Use the knowledge they have acquired to further develop their cultural sensitivity



• Culture and Diversity
• Interculture Communication Models
• Cross Cultural Communication Concepts
• Low and High Context Interactions
• Overcoming Cross Cultural Conflict
• Cross Cultural Teams
• Developing Cooperation and Team Values


Facilitator: Irish Council for International Students



One day



20 October 2016


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