Positive Mental Health


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One in ten people will encounter mental health issues during their lifetime. Every single one of us will experience tough times in our lives. We all need to look after our mental health and well-being, as well as our physical health, as it affects everything: our happiness, our performance, our functioning, our relationships, everything.  



This enjoyable interactive workshop has been developed to increase awareness and understanding of mental health and well-being 



  • Mental Health vs Mental Illness
  • Tips on How you can Stay Well, including: Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Relationships, Connection with others, Impact of Alcohol, A Problem Shared, Taking time for yourself. 
  • The role of Mindfulness + short exercise
  • Compassion for Self and Others
  • Deep Breathing exercise to release Stress & Anxiety
  • Body-Care, Achievement, Connection, Enjoyment (BACE) & Exercise
  • Recognising Stress & Distress 
  • Healthy vs Unhealthy Habits
  • Fast relaxation technique 


Half day



Niamh Hannon



10 May 2017


To Book: UCD Online Booking (available from 20 September 2016)