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Supporting teams through change

Change is coming at us from all directions and we don’t always give ourselves the time to reflect and explore the impact of change on ourselves and on our teams. Whether you are an established school, a new group or a project team, we offer advice and support on issues like the psychology of change  as well as working with you through the transition and challenges that change can bring.  Building resilience within your team to better deal with change is also an option you can explore. If your School/ Unit is going through change at the moment contact Edel Quinn or Melanie Sheridan hear about support available

Team building

Whether it’s clarifying your purpose, exploring team dynamics or individual and team preferences e.g. MBTI, speak to us about using one of our facilitators to design and run a workshop to meet your needs.  Alternatively, we can help you source an external facilitator for specific team building needs.


Enabling dialogue

As our working environment gets more complex, new challenges are emerging for which no one person has the solution and where old solutions no longer suffice.  Systems thinking highlights the interconnectedness of the modern organisation where creating time and space for dialogue is key to arriving at adaptive and innovative solutions.  The broad area of Organisation Development covers much of this work and aims to explore the forces and factors that have led to a current situation taking into consideration context, purpose, people and processes.  This work is highly collaborative in nature and can draw on a number of techniques and methodologies ranging from meetings with key people to larger more inclusive events such as a bespoke Seminar Series or the World Café.  Irrespective of the intervention used, the aim is to provide a safe space for your Unit or School that allows open and candid dialogue and releases untapped resources and energises the School/Unit to move forward.  Speak with your local HR partner or contact us at to discuss how we can support you.

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