Mentoring and Coaching


Coaching and mentoring are long established means of enhancing learning and have enormous value in particular when used in conjunction with a specific training programme.  They can also be used to great effect at certain junctures in our life - perhaps you have had a recent promotion or been seconded onto a project and would benefit from having a reflective space to talk through the learning that such opportunities bring.  Both coaching and mentoring come under the broad umbrella of 'development conversations' and although the terms are often interchangeably there are differences.  Below is a broad overview of each, however, contact us at for more information and guidance.

Coaching is a developmental relationship which allows a coachee time and space to gain understanding and awareness so their choices and actions become more conscious.  The role of the coach is to facilitate this process through active listening and questioning. Our coaches, all  of whom have a coaching qualification and have put themselves forward to be part of our Internal Coaching Panel offer a confidential service for those interested in exploring further.

Mentoring is an informal, offline developmental relationship between two people.  It is mentee-driven where the mentee (ideally) selects their own mentor.  Mentors do not need special qualifications, however, those currently acting in the capacity of mentoring or who are interested in becoming a mentor can enjoy reflective seminars provided by People & Organization Development - UCD HR.  Keep an eye on our calendar of events or contact if you are interested in being waitlisted for our next event.  


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