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Hitachi Dublin Laboratory (HDL)

Hitachi Dublin Laboratory (HDL) is one of four Research and Development Laboratories run by Hitachi Europe Ltd. Over the last few years HDL has been responsible for the development of bioinformatics software, including the HITAGENE genetics analysis package in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin. Hitachi Dublin Laboratory will cease operations at the end of 2007. However Hitachi Europe Ltd. will continue to provide support for the Lipgene project until its completion.


HITAGENE is a statistical genetics package developed by researchers in Hitachi Dublin Laboratory. HITAGENE will be used in Lipgene for the data management and analysis of the human genetic data. The main features of HITAGENE are the following:

  • Linkage Disequilibrium analysis
  • Haplotype Analysis -both haplotype frequency analysis and haplotype reconstruction (the computer estimation of pair of haplotypes for each individual in the group analysed)
  • Haplotype Association - the use of regression techniques for the analysis of associations between genetic data, environmental factors and patient traits.
  • Integrated relational database for easy and secure storage of genetic and medical data.
  • Sophisticated Web based user interface that will allow users at the multiple sites access to the data in a secure environment.

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