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MTT Agrifood Research Finland

MTT Agrifood Research Finland ( is the largest research institute in Finland, and one of the largest institutes in the Nordic countries carrying out agricultural and food based research. The Institute operates in 18 different locations across Finland, with the executive and operational centre being located in Jokioinen, 120 kilometres north-west of Helsinki.

Animal nutrition research is focused on understanding the nutritional physiology of ruminant and monogastric animals in order to improve the efficiency of nutrient utilisation, enhance the quality of animal derived foods and reduce the environmental impact of livestock production.
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The department is led by Professor Tuomo Varvikko, and the Nutrition and Physiology Research team headed by Dr. Seppo Ahvenjärvi. 

MTT is a partner in the Lipgene Animal Nutrition Research Programme (Workpackage 3). Research within the Lipgene project is directed towards reducing the consumption of saturated fatty acids and increasing that of cis- monounsaturated fatty acids from milk and dairy products, whilst avoiding an increase in trans fatty acid intake.
In order to develop milk and dairy product food prototypes, using environmentally compliant, welfare friendly and cost-effective means, a detailed understanding of lipid metabolism in the ruminant animal is required. Studies conducted at MTT are examining the effect of nutrition of the dairy cow on ruminal lipid metabolism based on the flow of fatty acids at the omasum, uptake and synthesis of fatty acids by the mammary gland and milk fatty acid composition.

The contribution of MTT Agrifood Research Finland to the Lipgene project is led by Dr. Kevin Shingfield ( ).

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