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Porto University

The Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences is the only public faculty in Portugal responsible for the graduation of nutritionists at the university level. FCNAUP has developed a solid and well-organized academic community, involved in a high quality degree course, and training of post-graduate students who take an active part in interdisciplinary research and community intervention. The academic staff is a small but active group of around 20 members.

Since 2000, the faculty runs the Master (MSc) in Clinical Nutrition, and has been one of the European institutions involved in the development of the European Master in Public Health Nutrition. There are also nine PhD students enrolled at the Faculty. At the international level, the faculty participates in the Erasmus/Socrates program with students and lecturers interchange.
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The main areas of research of the institution are: determinants of food consumption; assessment of food consumption; body composition; obesity; diabetes; food composition. The faculty is also the only Portuguese participant in several European projects in the following areas: physical activity, food habits, elderly food habits, consumer's trust in food, promotion of healthy eating habits in school and food availability and household budgets. At a national level, a range of projects related with obesity and diabetes as well as intervention in the community have been developed.

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