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University of Reading:
Animal Nutrition Partners

Until 31 March 2004 the partners, Nutritional Sciences Research Unit (NSRU) and the Centre for Dairy Research (CEDAR) were independent research units within the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development.
1 April saw the merger of the NSRU ( and CEDAR ( together with Biomathematics into a new unified Animal Science Research Group. The group is led by Ian Givens, Professor of Animal Science and Director of NSRU and CEDAR together with Dr Richard Phipps, Deputy Director of CEDAR.

The key research strategy of the Group is to work on 'animal derived food products that make a positive contribution to human nutrition and are conducive to long-term health, produced in a welfare friendly way while minimising production and environmental costs'. Much of this research is in association with the School of Food Biosciences and together they are addressing the University's research theme on food chain and health related issues. Lipgene is an example of this.

The Group contains a wide range of expertise including nutrition and food composition, digestive physiology and simulation of digestive processes in vitro, secondary plant metabolites, animal health and welfare, biotechnology applications, biomathematical modelling ( and molecular aspects of the feed/animal interface.

Research facilities include extensive off-site animal research facilities for all food producing animals (dairy cows, poultry, pigs) together with on-site laboratories. Parts of the animal facilities are accredited to Good Laboratory Practice standard and parts of the laboratory are accredited to ISO 1725. Research activities will span from the whole animal and its diet to processes within specific tissues (such as the mammary gland) and to the role of genes and their expression.

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